Monday, February 16, 2009

The Big Race

I was waiting waiting waiting for the rain and now it's here - in droves. The first break in the rain for two days came late this morning and seems to be holding off for the time being, though the gray sky still hangs ominously overhead.

I slept a ridiculous amount yesterday, my body felt very tired and so I stayed home and let it rest. After sleeping in (10 hours or so total) yesterday morning, I fell back asleep at around 7pm last night, sleeping until 7:30am this morning. It weirds me out a little that I needed that much sleep. It makes me ask why - it's not as though I've been loosing sleep at all and I don't feel sick, so I'm not sure what's up.

I've been thinking about plans when I get back to Canada quite a bit. I've decided that for the summer, I'd really like to work outdoors, doing something really physical. One of my best friends works for the city in the "urban forestry" department. She encouraged me to apply last year, but at that point I hadn't yet developed the appreciation I have now for outdoor work, for physical labor. At this time in my life, it feels like a perfect fit. I can't wait to apply.

I'm dreading the weather a bit, but I think that by the time I return, the worst of the winter will be over, plus I left my beautiful hippie-esque wooly winter sweater in storage (aka Jordan's closet) for when I get back. I shouldn't have given my gloves away in SanFrancisco, though.

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